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Free Valentine Printable for Teacher

Free Valentine Printable for Teacher

Are you always at a loss with what to get your kid's teacher for different holidays like I am?! 
The struggle is reallllll!
But this year you can give them something super cute, useful, and it won't be yet another coffee mug or drink cup filled with candy! (I once heard that they don't want this stuff ever because they get sooo much of it! Which I can only imagine, I know I'm drawn to the drink cups or the adorable coffee mugs with their initial every year!!) 
Surely you've seen the 3 pack of succulents at Costco. But if you haven't, run now to see if yours has them! They go quick! They're $19.99 and they come in cute reusable pots. If you don't have 3 kids that need gifts for teachers, well then it's your lucky day and you get to keep 1 or 2 for you! I call that a win!



 Free Valentine Printable


The printable says,
School would "SUCC" without you! Thanks for being a great teacher.
Then you can have your child write in their own name at the bottom or on the back fo the card so they know who it's from. 

I'm not gonna lie, I debated this idea for a minute because I surely would never encourage my kid to say suck.. but it's a good play on words and I imagine most teachers won't take it that way and will rather appreciate the nice play on words... Hopefully!! hahah


Teacher Valentine


If your local Costco doesn't have them, I've seen something similar at Target! Or your local greenhouse should have succulents, they just may not be potted. I haven't checked myself yet, but I saw someone mention Trader Joes also had succulents.

Succulent printable for valentines day

There are 4 different designs so you can choose the one you like the best! I then just printed them off at home on card stock paper. 


I prefer to cut them a little outside the line so that you can still see the black outline on the design. But you can cut them directly on the black line if you prefer! 


Then use a hole punch and a little bit of twine (hobby lobby or your other local craft store should have a variety of colors. Check the paper crafts section or the ribbon section.) to tie the card to the pot! 

Free Valentine's day printable



A perfect little gift for the teacher in your life! They'll love this sitting on their desk or in their home! 



Valentine for Teacher

Succulents are easy to care for. They prefer dry conditions, and therefore only require minimal water (only water them when they feel super dry, every 15-20 days) and bright indirect sunlight. You can leave them outside when the temps get warmer, but just somewhere that isn't directly in the sun. 



Click here to download the pdf file



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