Bed Assembly

Need a little extra help with assembly? Here is a video of me putting together one of the frames to help out! As well as a digital copy of the instructions below the video.  

TIPS for common things that confuse people! 

- (on step 1) note on the bottom of pieces 1 & 2 there are 2 holes at the bottom (this is where dowels will go in, so you want the side with 2 holes facing inward and toward each other

- ( on step 2) same with pieces 4 and 5

- (on step 3) make sure the A bolts are fastened in all the way. If you're using a drill, it sometimes can't reach far enough to tighten them properly. So use the allen wrench to finish tightening them into place. 

- (on step 4) occasionally in pieces #8 there is a little extra sawdust where the C nuts go, this can cause them not to go all the way down.. making it so the B bolts can't fasten in correctly. If this happens, just tap out that saw dust or use a vacuum if necessary! 


included pieces for ruby rye co house frame assembly

step one of house bed assembly

step 2 of ruby rye co house bed assembly

step 3 of ruby rye co house frame assembly

step 4 of ruby rye co house frame assembly