Do I have to assemble? 
  • Yes! Assembly is required. The beds are so large assembled that it wouldn't be feasible to ship them already assembled. They come as a kit with easy to follow instructions! Bed Assembly Video
How long does assembly take? 
  • I'd plan on about 30-60 minutes! It depends if you're tackling it alone or if you have someone willing to help! Bed Assembly Video
Do you offer slats? 
    • Slats are not included. I like to keep the beds as reasonably priced as possible and I just don't feel like slats are necessary for the extra cost to you.
    • If slats are something you're still wanting I have a whole blog post about it that talks more about why and has solutions here! https://rubyrye.com/blogs/all/slats
Are they sturdy?
    • YES! They are totally safe and sturdy. The minimalistic design causes them to have a slight wiggle that is totally normal and of no concern. I am proud to offer our brand new design that is even more sturdy before!
    • If you want a visual, check my instagram https://www.instagram.com/rubyryeco/ and look for the "START HERE" story highlight bubble at the top!
What kind of wood is used? 
  • I use a high quality, untreated, natural pine wood! 


Do you have them in other colors? 

  • I can't keep all colors in stock at once, but I do offer them in a variety of colors that I rotate through.
  • Currently I have natural, white, dusty pink, and light grey! I've also had black and plan to add in a dark green color in the future! If we don't have the color you're hoping for in stock, reach out to me at hello@rubyrye.com and I can tell you if we'll have it back soon! 
  • Another option is to paint a natural one any color you choose! I have a blog post with more info for painting them here https://rubyrye.com/blogs/all/painting


Can I get the bed raised off the ground? 

  • Unfortunately right now I don't offer any customizations, including having it raised off the ground! 


When will my bed arrive? 

  • In stock beds ship within 1-3 business days of when you order! I ship via FedEx and you will receive a conformation email with tracking information once your order ships. Plan on 3-5 business days for it to get to you once it ships depending on where you're located from Utah. 

fedex shipping times


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at hello@rubyrye.com