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Kids room with green accent wall

Kids room with green accent wall

Kids room makeover with green accent wall


I got a wild hair one day and decided I wanted to redo Luca's room. I had come up with some inspiration on Pinterest (you can see my inso board here), so I knew I wanted long yellow crushed velvet curtains, and a dark green wall. During the process of the room makeover I really thought I had made a big mistake. It didn't feel like everything was coming together like I had envisioned. I worried I had mixed too many bold colors and that it wasn't going to all work. But I'm glad I trusted my gut and kept going with it, because I think it turned out even better than I had planned!! 


My least favorite thing is when I come to a blog post and all the details aren't there, so I am going to do my best to link everything so you know exactly where to find allllll the things! 


Kids room inso


H O U S E  B E D  F R A M E

This is from our very own shop! It's our top selling montessori house shaped bed frame in twin size!  I started selling these beds over 2 years ago on Etsy making them from my little balcony outside our apartment in the middle of winter! We've come a long way since then and the journey has been a rollercoaster, but so much fun! You can find them by clicking here!  


Fun Fact- we offer Afterpay, which means you can split your purchase into 4 equal payments every 2 weeks interest free (unless you're late)! How awesome is that? You'll get your bed just as quickly without having to pay it all up front! 



G R E E N  P A I N T 

This was a true struggle. Here is a picture of my cart.. I got to home depot with a color in mind but when I got there I realized it was more blue than I wanted. So I started pulling allll the green colors and quickly got in over my head. I'm truly the worst at making decisions alone so my husband had to be on the other side of a text message at home counseling me through it. He finally found this blog post (click here) that showed one of the colors I had picked and it was PERFECT! So I did it exactly. 



home depot paint swatches


The colors she did (and therefor us too) was Behr Marquee Fig Tree. She added "2 shots" of black to it though. When I asked the lady at the counter for that she acted like I was asking for a bomb to be made or something. She told me that she wasn't willing to do that and that it's actually 2 extra ounces of black and that that just wasn't going to work. I even showed her the top of the lid can that that blog post above provides. And she didn't like that the 2 shots part was written in. She was not about to trust that! "They're supposed to reprint the sticker," she said. So she called on someone else to help me. Luckily he was more than willing and it turned out beautiful. I'm still not sure why she was so up in arms about it.. like worst case scenario it doenst work and $40 is wasted on that can of paint.. Now that's not ideal, obviously. But it wasn't a life or death situation like this gal was treating it as! 


So.. if you have that same scenario, just rest assured that it will all turn out! And tell the (un)helpful worker to take a chill pill like I wish I had done! :)


Little Boys Bedroom



I could talk forever (and I'm totally going to) about my love for this product. If you haven't heard of Beddy's Bedding yet, let me tell you all about it!! 

It's essentially a comforter, flat sheet, and fitted sheet ALL TOGETHER! IN ONE PIECE!!! Can you even handle how genius that is? 

There are two zippers that come down either side and meet up at the bottom so the top part can be zipped off completely. It comes lined in minky or cotton, we chose the minky option and love it. It's so softy and cozy and not too hot, and my little Luca is a hot sleeper!

Then.. it comes off in one piece.. it's just wrapped around the mattress like a fitted sheet. And you throw it in the washer and wash it all together in one load. Ease pease! 

I love it on our floor bed because it's kinda hard to make the bed look put together when the comforter can't drape down over the sides. So I LOVE how neat and tidy this makes it all look! It's also perfect for bunk beds, because we all know what a pain those are to make! 

Easy for your kids to make their own bed. Easy to wash. Cozy. Cute. It basically checks all the boxes! 

Okay, thats the end of of my obsession rant! Almost...

We got the "love at first white" in twin and minky lined. In the before picture below we had a different print that I love so much. It's the "dash" in a twin size with minky lining. 

These are an investment, but so worth it! But I have a code you can use to save 20% off! Click here to go directly to their website. That link should automatically give you the 20% off, but if it doesn't use the code RUBYRYE20 at checkout. If you're anything like me, these will be your new fav and you won't regret it!


C R E A M  T H R O W  B L A N K E T

This is from target and is one of my favorite pieces! I love how it looks on the end of the bed, but I love it so much that I hate that it's in his room and not in the living room where I can see it all day long! Find it here.



I love a good before and after, so here is the before...

Neutral kids bedroom


And the after... (if I was an emoji right now, I'd def be the heart eye guy!)


Kids room inspiration

 R U G 

I am even more in love with this in person! It's so pretty and great quality! When it arrived I thought it was going to shed all over the place, but it doesn't at all. It's beautiful! Here is the link! 


This wicker light is such a statement piece and it really helped transform the room! Find it by clicking here!


These mustard yellow velvet curtains are everything I dreamt of! They come in a set, unlike how a lot of curtains only come with one panel. So only buy one, because you get both panels! Here they are!

R U S T  B L A N K E T 

I think this is actually a baby blanket, but it was the perfect color and I needed it. Luca loves sleeping with it and it's actually pretty soft, but it's a lightweight blanket! Click here! 

T R I A N G L E  P I L L O W  A N D  I N S E R T 

This pillow is the perfect size, and IKEA pillow inserts are the cheapest I've found without compromising quality! We have the feather version.. so we can karate chop the center! We're ninja's around here! 

I can't see the pillow cover online to give you a link, but we found it in store from IKEA so maybe check there and click here for the insert.




Kids bedroom with green accent wall

W O R L D  M A P

This beautiful map is printed on bonded leather and is from Gathre. It's the world map mini+ ! It's a high quality piece that makes such a statement! We have a few other gather mats and absolutely love all of them!  Click here to go to their site! 

Book Wall inspiration


B O O K  S H E L V E S

I've dreamt of a bookshelf wall for awhile! I actually wanted to build the shelves myself to cover the entire wall top to bottom and side to side. We have a ton of kids books so I knew we would use up the space. But when we found these ones at Ikea they seemed like a perfect backup plan with less work! There are 6 shelves total here, 2 side by side in 3 rows! Here is the link to them! 


Kids desk with book shelves


B L A C K  M E T A L  C H A I R S

I searched and searched for a single black metal chair and couldn't find one. They all come in sets of 2. That was a bummer because it was more than I wanted to spend, and more than I needed for the space. But I love these chairs so much that it was worth it! You can find them by clicking here!   Hobby lobby sells a cute white plastic chair with wooden legs that I almost got because you can buy them individually, they look like these ones but for less than $30 a piece.


I found the wood and acrylic containers for markers and crayons as well as the salt lamp from TJ Maxx! And the metal Dinosaur is from a local store called Rustica Hardware, they used to sell it online but it looks like it's not available anymore. I found it from them through overstock, but it looks like it's also sold out there. Click here for that link if you want more info on it.


Kids desk with book ledge wall

 K I D S  D E S K

I searched and searched for a little kids desk! This one is actually marketed as a bench.. but it's the perfect size and works great! This is two "benches" side by side and then the one on the left also has a drawer insert (which has been my favorite thing ever, one big drawer.. that I throw alllll the stuffed animals into and they are finally out of view!)

Here is the desk/bench. Rememebr you need two to achieve the same look. And here is the drawer insert. 

little boys should never be sent to bed



These area couple of my designs that are perfect for in a kids room. They come in a pack of 11 different printables, available in 2 sizes! For more info and to see all the options click here! 

earthy kids bedroom


G A R L A N D 

I got this one awhile back from hobby lobby! But hello maypole has some of the cutest color combinations of felt ball garlands that I've seen! Check out her site here.


C R E A M  P I L L O W

Love the texture this provides! Such a cute pillow! Find it here!


B L A C K  V E L V E T  P I L L O W

I got this one on clearance at target, but for a similar one click here!


 Kids room inspiration

kids room inso

I hope you love Luca's new room as much as we all do! It's a new favorite spot in my house!  And I hope all of these links are helpful! If you are inspired and recreate any of it I would love to see what you come up with! Send us pictures through our instagram @ruby_rye or through email ! 



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kids room inspo

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