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Are slats necessary with house floor bed?

Are slats necessary with house floor bed?

Do you include slats with your house bed frame? 

This is EASILY my top asked question! So I wanted to take the time to write about this in detail to explain my decision to not offer slats with my beds. 

The summary.. I don't think they're necessary! 

If you want to know more about why I don't think they are, continue reading! 

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Could I offer slats? Absolutely. But it would ultimately cost more money, it would make the packages heavier and therefore more expensive to ship, and I would obviously have to charge more- increasing the overall price that you would pay. 


Ideally, I would like to save you money where possible! And this is a place were I truly felt I could cut some costs down for you! 


So why don't I feel they are necessary? 

Well let's dive into the two common reasons it seems that people want slats!



It seems that the top reason that people often want the slats is to provide a barrier between the ground and the mattress to allow for optimal air flow and decrease the possibility of mildew. This is especially a concern for those of you who live in humid places! 



With this style of frame, the slats would be sitting directly on the ground. Meaning the carpet would squish in between them on the bottom, and the mattress would be squishing down between them from the top. So, it doesn't seem that that allows for much additional air to circulate, if any! If you have hardwood floors, maybe the slats would offer little bit more airflow, but still not much since they're still directly on the floor. 



This costs nothing and is totally easy to do! 

When you wash the sheets on your child's bed every week, or every other week or whatever it might be. While the sheets are being washed and dried, lift up the mattress (you can still leave it within the house bed frame) and lean it against the wall. This will give the mattress a few hours to air out. While it's leaning against the wall, you can quickly vacuum under where it normally would lay. Doing these 2 things will help reduce the risk of mildew growth! I recommend doing this every other week, but you can certainly do it more often if you'd like! (But I must admit, it's something I rarely do, and we've never had a problem.. however, we do live in a dry climate in Utah, so this might vary depending on where you live!)d




People want a sturdy base for the mattress to rest on. After all, for all of our lives we have been taught that a mattress on a bed requires a slat base. 



It's hard to break habits that we are used to! A bed lifted off the ground absolutely  requires slats because without them, well the bed would fall through and land on the ground of course! But as it turns out, all a mattress needs is a good firm base! And guess what is a perfectly sturdy and firm base?! You guessed it! THE FLOOR! 



Celebrate saving a little money and that your child's new bed doesn't require any additional foundation under the mattress! Hooray for not spending any more than necessary!!  


Still not convinced? That's okay! 

Did you know there are a variety of different stores online (and in store, I imagine) that sell slats separately?! 

H O O R A Y! 

They are big box stores, which means they can offer something like this for a much cheaper price than a small shop like me! And typically with free shipping! 

So if you're still interested and want some slats you can check them out at places like Walmart, Ikea, Home Depot, Lowes, and even Amazon! 


Click here to view the ones I recommend on Amazon for easy reference!

I like these ones because they go length wise. That way you don't have to worry about them fitting within the bed frame. The length of these is a few inches shorter than my bed frame, so they should fit without a problem! 


But if you want to check out the other places just google "twin bed slats" or "full bed slats" and most of those places will pop up! Otherwise you can go directly to their site and type in a search box those same things! 


I truly hope this helps! If this doesn't cover one of your hesitations with the bed not having slats, feel free to email me at with your questions and I'd be happy to help answer them! 




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