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Halloween Kids Books

Halloween is absolutely my most favorite time of year! I don't know if it's the crisp fall air, the fun costumes, the great decorations, or knowing that Christmas isn't too far out, but I just love every ounce of it!! 

Luca has loved creepy things ever since he was a tiny tot. hahah is that strange for a kid? Probably.. but it's just true- not many things phased him. So we share in the love for all things Halloween and have gathered a good collection of Halloween books! But I'll never stop adding to it -- you can find the ones I have on my wishlist at the bottom of this post!

Kids Halloween Bookshelf


This year I started by taking off all the books on the bottom shelf of his book wall and but them in a separate basket so that I could fill up that row with Halloween books! I put them on the bottom so they're easy to grab, because I know that now that they are out, they'll be his top picks (and mine!) every night at bedtime! But.. I've already rearranged things and I decided to just take off all his regular books and tuck them away in the closet and I made his whole bookshelf wall dedicated to halloween books. 


Kids Halloween bookshelf


So let's get to it, shall we!! First though, please know that you don't NEED any of these.. but if you are searching for some cute kids halloween books then I wanted to help you out! But if not, go ahead and click outta here now! 


These are all from Amazon.. because don't we all love that 2 day shipping (or where we're at some items are delivered next day.. it's crazy business!) I made it super easy for you if you want to see more about the book, you can click on the book title directly below the picture and it will take you straight to the there!  


At The Old Haunted House Book

1. At The Old Haunted House

this is 100% our favorite halloween book at our house. We have to keep it out year round because it's so loved. 

At the old haunted house
In a room with no sun
Lived a warty green witch
And her wee witchy one.


There are all kinds of creatures in the house: a big Ma monster and her wee monsters two, a scrawny black cat and her wee kittens three, a green Pa goblin and his wee goblins four, and more! Count along as the creatures prepare for the Halloween Fright. The text, written in the pattern of the popular poem “Over in the Meadow,” makes reading aloud fun, while the cinematic illustrations set the scene for an unforgettable romp through the old haunted house. Trick or treat!




2. Bonaparte Falls Apart 

Readers who love stories about friendship, school, and little monsters will love this clever and humorous picture book about a skeleton who is falling to pieces and needs help pulling himself together. Perfect for Halloween!
Bonaparte is having a tough time. It’s hard for this young skeleton to just hang loose when he can’t keep hold of himself. 
When he plays catch, his throwing arm literally takes a flyer. Eating lunch can be a real jaw-dropping occasion. How can he start school when he has so many screws loose?

Luckily, Bonaparte hit the bone-anza when it came to his friends. Franky Stein, Black Widow, and Mummicula all have some boneheaded ideas to help pull him together. But will it be enough to boost his confidence and get him ready for the first day of school?



There's a Monster in Your Book  

3. There's a Monster in Your Book

Shake, wiggle, and tickle the monster out of this book—an interactive bedtime read-aloud by a YouTube star, musician, and children’s book author!

With the irresistible pull of Hervé Tullet’s Press Here and the charm of The Monster at the End of This Book, Tom Fletcher’s inviting interactive read-aloud will have kids tilting, spinning, and shaking the book to get the adorable little monster out! That’s right! He’s out of the book . . . and in their room somewhere. Uh-oh!!



The Night Before Halloween


4. The Night Before Halloween

"'Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house, All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse.The monsters had gathered to plan and prepare,For the trick-or-treaters who soon would be there?."

Little monsters and goofy goblins take center stage in this silly, spooky spin on Clement C. Moore's beloved poem. But what will happen on Halloween when the monsters come face to face with human trick-or-treaters in this fun-filled book by the author of The Night Before Easter?



Goodnight Goon


5. Goodnight Goon 

Goodnight tomb. Goodnight goon. Goodnight Martians taking over the moon.

It's bedtime in the cold gray tomb with a black lagoon, and two slimy claws, and a couple of jaws, and a skull and a shoe and a pot full of goo. But as a little werewolf settles down, in comes the Goon determined at all costs to run amok and not let any monster have his rest.

A beloved classic gets a kind-hearted send up in this utterly monsterized parody; energetic art and a hilarious text will have kids begging to read this again and again.



Little Blue Truck's Halloween 

6. Little Blue Truck's Halloween

 Beep! Beep! It’s Halloween! Little Blue Truck is picking up his animal friends for a costume party. Lift the flaps in this large, sturdy board book to find out who’s dressed up in each costume! Will Blue wear a costume too? 

With the delightful rhymes and signature illustration style that made Little Blue Truck a household name, Blue’s new adventure is full of festive costumes, fall colors, and plenty of Halloween fun! 
Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Just before midnight, on the night of a full moon, a young barber stays out past his bedtime to go to work. Although his customers are mostly regulars, they are anything but normal-after all, even monsters need haircuts. Business is steady all night, and this barber is prepared for anything with his scissors, rotting tonic, horn polish, and stink wax. It's a tough job, but someone's got to help these creatures maintain their ghoulish good looks.

Perfect for Halloween, this is a hilarious story about a boy who follows in his father's footsteps . . . in his own monstrously unique way.


How to Catch a Monster

8. How to Catch a Monster

There's a monster in my closet, 
with claws, and teeth, and hair, 
and tonight, I'm going to scare him!
He lives just right through there...

Get ready to laugh as a young ninja heads into the closet to meet the monster that's been so scary night after night! But what if things aren't what they seem and our monster isn't scary at all? What if our ninja hero is about to make a friend of strangest sort?

If you dare to travel beyond the closet door and into the land of the monsters... you might just find the very best reward of all. But with robots, lava pie, and a smattering of traps―catching monsters is no easy business!


Frank was a Monster who wanted to Dance

9. Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

This one is a tiny bit creepy, as his brain falls out on one page. But Luca gets a kick out of it! And it has great reviews on amazon too!

Frank was a monster who wanted to dance. So he put on his hat, and his shoes made in France... and opened a jar and put ants in his pants! So begins this monstrously funny, deliciously disgusting, horrifyingly hilarious story of a monster who follows his dream. Keith Graves' wacky illustrations and laugh-out-loud text will tickle the funny bone and leave readers clamoring for an encore.


Happy Halloween Stinky Face

10. Happy Halloween Stinky Face

"Mama, what if Mrs. Petry doesn't know it's really just me at her door? What if she gets so surprised from my super-scary costume that she throws her candy bowl up and it lands on her head and candy spills all over?"

It's almost time to go trick-or-treating, but first Stinky Face has just a few questions for Mama. As always, Mama lovingly addresses each and every one of her child's concerns. A sweet and reassuring Halloween tale from Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore!



Monster Trouble! 

11. Monster Trouble! 

Nothing frightens Winifred Schnitzel—but she DOES need her sleep, and the neighborhood monsters WON'T let her be! Every night they sneak in, growling and belching and making a ruckus. Winifred constructs clever traps, but nothing stops these crafty creatures. What's a girl to do? (Hint: Monsters HATE kisses!) The delightfully sweet ending will have every kid—and little monster—begging for an encore.



10 Busy brooms Book

12. 10 Busy Brooms

Celebrate Halloween with this fun and festive counting book, perfect for fans of Room on the Broom!

Young readers will want to fly the night sky with the ten little witches in this bright and adventurous Halloween story. Whether zooming past rattling skeletons, buzzing by pie-stealing mummies, or soaring over a werewolf with bad breath, this exciting group of witches and their high-flying Halloween adventures will have readers cheering! Plus, play a game of I Spy and find the cat and owl on every page!

 Halloween Books for Kids

The following books are ones we don't have yet, but they're on my wishlist to get this year!! 


 How to Make Friends with a Ghost

13. How to Make Friends with a Ghost

What do you do when you meet a ghost? One: Provide the ghost with some of its favorite snacks, like mud tarts and earwax truffles. Two: Tell your ghost bedtime stories (ghosts love to be read to). Three: Make sure no one mistakes your ghost for whipped cream or a marshmallow when you aren't looking! If you follow these few simple steps and the rest of the essential tips in How to Make Friends with a Ghost, you'll see how a ghost friend will lovingly grow up and grow old with you. 



B is for Boo

14. B is for Boo

Greg Paprocki’s popular retro-style series of sturdy board book alphabet primers expands to introduce brilliant babies and toddlers to one of the most popular holidays on the calendar: Halloween. Just as other books in this series make learning history fun and engaging for children, this volume will fuel the anticipation of your child’s first halloween and help to expand their vocabulary in the process.

B Is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet features a collection of twenty-six illustrations featuring Halloween-themed concepts, including imaginative costumes, oodles of treats, pumpkins galore, masks and monsters, and haunted houses.



Skeletons are not spooky

15. Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky! 

For everything that skeletons do for us, why do they have such a bad reputation for being spooky?  Maybe they are just like us and want to have a little bit of fun. 

The creative children's book duo of Kaine & Duds tries to set the record straight in this entertaining tale for everybody.  With adorable illustrations and even a big word or two (like phalanges), this book is great as a read-aloud or beginner book for early readers.  
Creepy Carrots!

In this Caldecott Honor–winning picture book, The Twilight Zone comes to the carrot patch as a rabbit fears his favorite treats are out to get him.

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots—especially Crackenhopper Field carrots. 
He eats them on the way to school.
He eats them going to Little League.
He eats them walking home.
Until the day the carrots start following him...or are they?
     Celebrated artist Peter Brown’s stylish illustrations pair perfectly with Aaron Reynold’s text in this hilarious picture book that shows it’s all fun and games…until you get too greedy.


I hope you enjoyed this round up of halloween books! Let me know any of your favorites that I am missing!! 

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 Halloween kids books

Halloween Kids Books


Halloween Books for Kids


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