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Gift Guide for Her 2018

Gift Guide for Her 2018

Here is our Gift Guide for Her for the 2018 Holiday!

 2018 Women's Gift Guide



Need some Christmas gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or any other woman in your life? Or maybe yourself.. because let's be honest, we definitely gift ourselves a few things over the holidays, am I right? I've got you covered with 20 affordable gifts in my 2018 Gift Guide for Her! 


To make it easy, all titles below each image are clickable and take you directly to where you can purchase the item!



Hard Case Luggage 

I have been obsessing over hard case luggage lately! I'm not exactly sure why I love it, but I am certain if you have a travel loving woman in your life then she will appreciate it as well! This rose gold set by Kenneth Cole is at the top of my list! 





Simply Modern Water Bottle 

Insulated water bottles are all the rage right now. You could spend double on hydro flask, but why? I ordered myself one of these Simply Modern water bottles from Amazon when I found myself struggling to keep up on water intake during the day and it has far exceeded my expectations! (We also own a hydro flask- and in my opinion they're essentially identical. So why not save a little?)






Anthro Throw Blanket

I don't own this throw blanket, but it has been on my wishlist for years!! I can't handle how pretty and unique the Antrho Blankets are (they have a variety of options aside from the one linked). And I'm certain it is cozy to curl up under during these chilly winter months as well! This one is definitely a bit of a splurge for it being a blanket, but it sure is pretty and all the reviews say it's worth it! {If you wait til Blak Friday, Anthro typically has a great sale!}





Apple AirPods Headphones

Apple AirPods 

I don't know what I did before these! They are perfect for a busy mom (or a busy anyone!) on the go! I often found myself listening to my favorite Audio Book or Song and getting frustrated because my headphone cords always got caught on something and pulled them out of my ears. Clearly, with AirPods, this is no longer an issue! Not only that but you can easily share and let one person wear one to listen to what you are. And you can have one in at a time so you can listen to your kids with the other ear without another headphone dangling down! I LOVE these if you can't tell! 







Leopard Hunter Boots

Leopard Hunter Boots

These Hunter boots are soo cute! Leopard is definitely a neutral in my book, so these would go with pretty much any outfit! I love that they aren't tall rain boots, but a little shorter. 




Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathtub Caddy

One of my favorite things to do is get in a boiling hot bath. Okay, not really boiling, but you get the idea! I often wish I had a caddy like this one that I could balance my drink or snacks, or phone on. If the woman in your life is a big bath taker, she will surely appreciate having one of these!





Volcano Capri Blue Candle

Volcano Candle

If you haven't yet smelled this candle, then you are missing out. It is simply the best smelling candle around. End of story. 






Capri Blue Volcano Lotion

Capri Blue Volcano Lotion

But wait, there's more!! The best smelling Volcano Candle scent also comes in a hand cream!! And it's just as amazing as the candle. Perfect to keep in your purse or diaper bag. If you already have and love the candle, I guarantee you will love this too! 






You are a badass

You are a Badass

I'm a motivational book lover. I love stories and all that. But there's nothing better than reading a book that makes you wake up to your life and realize your full potential and make you want to do everything you can to achieve it. This book is that and so much more. If the title isn't a dead giveaway- there is some language! ;)






Girl Wash Your Face Book

Girl, Wash Your Face

While we are taking about books, here's another favorite book! I'm only about half way through this one, but it has already made me cry and feel all the feels. She is so real and says all the things that make you really open up your eyes. She helps you realize that you are a good parent and person in general and that we are all doing our best! I think it's a must read for any woman! 






Hobo Linn Wallet

Hobo Linn Wallet

I have the classic bigger hobo wallet, and I love it! But this smaller version is my new favorite. It is the perfect size to carry all the essentials. You can't see the other side, but it has a place for your drivers license and a few more cards. And there's a zipper between the two sides that you can keep change and cash. I have the green moss color (which I love), but I'm eyeing this one now because cognac everything is my fav!





Large Framed Photograph


Framed Portraits 

These are simple and beautiful framed portraits that will last you for years to come. Any momma would love one of these of her children. But of course it doesn't have to be a photo of children, the options are endless on what you have framed. 





Adidas Track Pants for Women

Adidas Track Pants

My teenage niece had these and I instantly fell in love and knew I needed them. They have been my favorite pants ever since. They are comfy, lightweight, have a great fit, and they have pockets - which is a must when it comes to comfy pants for me!! I have the olive green color shown in the picture and I live in them and think I might need the black with rose gold metallic next!! So cute!  





Babe Lash Eyelash Serum

Babe Lash Serum

This eyelash serum seriously works wonders!! You definitley have to be consistent and apply every day for a few weeks, but after that you can back off to every other day or more and they still maintain. At least mine did! Easy way to have longer natural lashes! 





Mattress Heater 

Heated Mattress Cover 

Okay, this one might seem random! But Is the woman in your life always freezing? I am ALWAYS cold, and there's nothing I hate more than climbing into a cold bed. This has solved all my problems for well over 7 years. Plus, it has a dual control. So if only one person in the bed likes it warm, then only turn one side on! I always turn mine on a few hours before bed and there's nothing I look forward to more than climbing in my nice, warm, cozy bed at the end of the night! 





Gel Nail Starter Kit

Gel Nail Starter Kit 

If you have a woman in your life who loves to have her nails done and doesn't mind doing them herself, she will love this! Shellac/Gel nails last so much longer than regular nail polish and it's so great to not have to wait for them to dry. Cure them under the light and you're good to go! I don't have this particular kit (I have this one) but if I were to buy again I think I would go with this one. It's a fraction of the price, with way better colors, and has just as great of reviews on Amazon! 





Lorac Lip Gloss Set

Lorac Lip Gloss

This is a new favorite of mine. I just tried Lorac Gloss in the past month and I can't get enough. It smells good unlike many glosses I've tried, has a good consistency - not too thick or thin, and it stays on and doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky afterward. It's love! 

* Perfect gift for a friend - buy this set and one of the books above and use one of the lipglosses tied to the book! A great little gift for on of your BFFs! Plus lipglosses leftover for other friend gifts, or yourself! 




Glass Jewelry Box

Glass Jewelry Box

I have a few different shapes and sizes of these same types of glass jewelry boxes and they are so simple but make a statement. I love seeing my favorite jewelry displayed inside. Here are a few other options this one from H&M or these amazing hexagon ones from west elm or this hexagon one





loopy phone case

Loopy Phone Case  

 Ever drop your phone? How about on your face late at night while you're scrolling aimlessly before bed? This will solve all your problems. As a mom I love that I can carry my phone with one finger and have the rest of my hand available to carry the multitude of other things I need! I was initially worried how the Loopy case would work when putting it in my back pocket, and it's slides in and out without a problem. 





Felt Letter Board


Felt Letter Board

These are SO fun! If you or your someone special doesn't have one already, you/they will love it! You can put your favorite inspirational quote, make it your menu board, countdown to a vacation or holiday etc. Such a fun thing that doubles as a cute decoration! 






Cozy Blanket By Saranoni

Cozy Blanket by Saranoni

This is the coziest blanket that you will want to wrap up in all winter! It's so soft and I love the weight of it personally. They have lots of different sizes (and probably even more options on their site) But I love that this one is from Amazon.. Prime shipping always wins!





 Plus Faux Fur Robe

Plush Robe

I have a similar robe to this from Pottery Barn that I got at a huge discount, but this one looks just as plush and cozy! And exactly the same color/fur combo. Plus it has great reviews and you can't beat the price.  I love mine and feel so fancy in it, which is saying a lot because it IS a bathrobe after all!! 


While I could give you a list of allll of my favorite things, I think this covers the bases! I hope you found it helpful and found someone on your list a new gift.. and a few for yourself too! 




2018 Gift Guide for Her


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