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Why Choose a Floor Bed For Your Child

Why Choose a Floor Bed For Your Child


There are so many options when it comes to choosing a bed for your little one. So why choose a floor bed? 

Of course our house beds work for many different ages, but the one I specifically want to address is the toddler stage. 

When you are switching your child out of their crib and into their new big kid bed it can be stressful for parents for many reasons. The new freedom the child will have, that they are growing up and aren't a baby anymore, and of course, the thought of them rolling out of their big tall bed onto a hard floor. 

Choosing a floor bed will eliminate that one huge stress when making this big change. Your child can easily climb in and out of the bed on their own and when they roll off in the middle of the night (because we all know it will happen at some point), it likely won't even wake them up let alone cause them to cry in pain like might happen if they were in a standard taller bed.  

A few other amazing things about these adorable house beds-

1. It is so much fun for the child to have a bed that looks like a house, it makes the transition more exciting!  

2. Kids love to create their own spaces and this bed is so simple that it leaves a lot up to the imagination! They can even get creative using blankets and turn it into a fort for a day-- or a lifetime! ;) 

3. The simplicity of the bed is ideal for parents who love that minimalist look. It is such a statement piece on it's own that it doesn't need much else in the way of design to make the room look amazing and impress everyone who looks at it! 

4. It's just plain fun! 


 We offer 3 different sizes to fit your needs- and you can find them all by clicking here!


Hopefully this helps make your decision a little easier! If you have any questions about our beds, please feel free to contact us at hello@rubyrye.com



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