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Best Tools for Beginner Woodworking

Best Tools for Beginner Woodworking

Maybe you're building up your at home workshop and you're looking for some new tools. 

Or maybe you really love to DIY and are in need of some tools. 

Or.. maybe you're living out my dream and you're renovating an old house and turning it into your very own fixer upper! (One day I am going to make this happen!)

Whatever it is, I think you'll like this list of tools that I have found useful. 

Now, saying these are the BEST tools is a bold claim! I don't know if I can even for sure say they are the best because well... they're all I've ever really used! But I do know they are great from experience using them. So I know I'd definitely recommend them, obvi! 

The best tools for beginners


I started collecting these tools when I started my little business, Ruby Rye Co., almost 3 years ago! Thats when I started making these adorable house shaped beds for kiddos and needed some new tools to make it happen. 

I have had quite a few people reach out wondering if I sell my plans so they can make them theirselves. And well the answer has always been, I'm sorry, I don't! But.. I've changed a few things around here and now I can offer you something even better... By clicking this link, you can get our DIY guide for FREE! And in that guide I reference the tools I suggest using, and I'm making this post as a resource to easily find the exact tools I use! 

As always, you use tools at your own risk! Please do so safely!  

Alright, lets get started! 



Ryobi Drill 


Ryobi Batter Operated Drill 

If you're gonna put stuff together, you've gotta have a drill! Plain and simple as that. This one has been great. It has a little magnet thing on it that holds a few screws or an extra bit so you have them close by when you need them!


Ryobi Circular Saw

Ryobi Circular Saw

This is a great circular saw and will definitely get the job done for you when cutting wood. You can make long ripping cuts with this which is something you can't do with the miter saw I link below. Another way to make these kinds of cuts is by using a table saw. 

Hitachi Miter Saw

Hitachi Miter Saw

This is a simple, and small miter saw. This has been one of my most used tools. It rotates so you can cut it at a 45 degree angle. But the blade doesn't turn to cut on a beveled edge. It has a laser incorporated which is helpful for seeing your mark on the wood and making more accurate cuts! Overall, it has been a great saw. 


 WEN belt sander

WEN Belt Sander

Sanding is literally the worst part of woodworking, but this little bench top sander makes the job a little easier and faster. There's no way I would have ever had enough time to sand all the wood I did without this!  

DeWALT hand sander

DeWALT Hand Sander

This is a great sander if you just need to sand smaller areas.. or if you're willing to put in the time to do the sanding by hand. Of course it's faster than just actually using sandpaper it self, it vibrates and makes the job quicker, but for bigger projects the bench sander is definitely a must!


Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun

Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun


This is the best thing ever. No air compressor. No cords. 

Just put the battery in and you're ready to go! 

I used to make framed signs, and this was a life saver!

We also used it when we did shiplap in our little boy's nursery! 


WEN drill press

WEN drill press

This is a necessary tool if you need to make accurate pilot holes. 

For my beds, I definitely needed them as accurate as possible, and this thing came to my rescue! Sure, a drill will do the same thing, but there is not nearly as much control as you have with this!  


Ryobi Battery

Ryobi Battery 

With all the Ryobi Tools mentioned above, you will need a battery to use them! They are sold separately like you see here, or there are sometimes bundles where you can buy a few tools and a battery all together, I don't have one of those linked here though! Check out your local hardware store or on Amazon. 


Hopefully this helps you get started on building your own little stock of tools! 

Good Luck on your building adventures! 


 Thanks for reading

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