Rainbow - Black Canvas Flag


You know that wall that you've been wondering what to put on it? Well this beautiful black canvas flag is your solution! It is a generous size, measuring right around 3' x 4' and makes a beautiful statement piece for any room in your home! A few ideas are, the entry way, kids rooms, nursery, family room, bathroom, laundry room, etc! The options are endless!

Offered in 10 different designs, all designed by me. Some are in my own handwritten font, giving them a very unique touch!

Edges are finished with a serge seam that creates a finished, yet rustic feel.

4 black grommets are attached at each corner leaving you with a variety of ways to hang the flag vertically or horizontally!

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

For easy removal of dust- use a lint roller!

Safe to use a warm iron on the reverse side in quick motions to release wrinkles. Do NOT iron on the side of the printed words, especially directly over them.

All designs copyright Ruby Rye Co. 2020 - Please do not copy.