Crib Size House Bed Frame

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Crib Size House Bed Frame
Crib Size House Bed Frame
Crib Size House Bed Frame

It honestly doesn't get better than this toddler bed! This is so functional-- I mean hello.. no worrying about your child rolling off the bed, because this sits directly on the floor! And this bed is clearly also very adorable! It is totally a blank slate, making it perfect for either a boy or a girl! I personally love the look of the natural wood, but you can definitely customize this to be your very own! Add your own paint or stain to make it uniquely yours!

Something else I love about this bed is that kids love to play in it. They recognize how unique and cool it is and it is immediately fun for them! Just imagine your little one snuggling their favorite stuffed animal or you snuggled up close to them reading a favorite book! I love the idea of this for a play room as well, no mattress even required for this one! Just get a bunch of cozy blankets and pillows, and you have yourself a little reading spot. (See last picture for example of no mattress) Or leave it just as it is in the play room and watch the kids gravitate to it with their toys! There's just something more exciting about playing in a little house!

F R A M E C O L O R - - - Natural Wood

F I N I S H E D D I M E N S I O N S - - - outside dimensions on the base of the bed are approx. 56" x 31"
(Fits a standard CRIB size mattress - about 52" x 28")
- - - From floor to the peak/tallest part is approx. 54"

S I Z I N G - - - This fits a standard CRIB mattress. I love this size because it is still perfect for toddlers and small children. Plus, no need to worry about buying a new mattress.. just use the one you have already been using in their crib! Note-- Mattress is NOT included.

H A R D W A R E - - - This bed is assembled with screws, and a power drill is recommended. Screws are included.

I N S T R U C T I O N S - - - I have created very easy to follow instructions for you to assemble this bed once it arrives to you. It is pretty fool proof to do, and shouldn't take you very much time at all!

S H I P P I N G - - - These adorable beds are made to order! I try to have a few on hand, but can't promise I will at the time you order. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time you order before your bed will ship.
- - - Please double check your shipping address. Once you place an order I am not able to make changes to the address.

- - - I cannot be responsible for items shipped to addresses provided incorrectly. Nor can I be responsible for items lost or
damaged in transit.

R E T U R N S - - - Due to the custom nature of these beautiful beds, I cannot accept returns. All sales are final.

No two beds are exactly the same, nor are they absolutely perfect. Each is hand made, using real wood that has it's own character! These things really enhance the rustic, beautiful look of these beds! And they also make them uniquely yours!

PLEASE message me with any questions/concerns you have BEFORE purchasing!

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note: design and instructions of ruby + rye bed copyright 2016 Ruby + Rye

_____hanging/swinging/climbing/etc. on the bed is not recommended____

Picture credit- @tracylaynephotography on Instagram

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