Full Size Montessori House Bed Frame

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Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye
Montessori House Bed Frame by Ruby + Rye

Montessori House Bed Frame for a Full Size Mattress

- - - W H A T    I S    T O    L O V E - - - 

Our Full Size Montessori House Bed Frame is adorable, kids love it, it's fully customizable and gender neutral, + you don't  have to worry about your child rolling off a tall bed and getting hurt or waking up! The Full size makes it great for kids sharing a room, co-sleeping, and older kids as well!


- - -F R A M E C O L O R - - -

Natural Wood

- - - F I N I S H E D    D I M E N S I O N S - - -

This Montessori House Bed Frame fits a standard FULL size mattress [approx. 74"x54"]

outside dimensions on the base of the bed is approx. 77" x 56"

From floor to the peak/tallest part is approx. 62"


- - - A S S E M B L Y - - - 

I have created very easy to follow instructions for you to assemble this bed once it arrives to you. It is pretty fool proof to do, and shouldn't take you very much time at all! This bed is assembled with screws, and a power drill is recommended. Screws are included.

- - - S H I P P I N G - - -

Our Montessori House Bed Frames always ship FREE via FedEx Ground within 5 business days. Shipment time varies depending on where you are located in regards to Utah, but typically arrives within 3-5 days from the day it ships.

Once your order ships you will be sent tracking info to follow it along the way.

Please double check your shipping address. Once you place an order I am not able to make changes to the address.

I cannot be responsible for items shipped to addresses provided incorrectly. Nor can I be responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.

- - - R E T U R N S - - -

Due to the custom nature of these beautiful beds, I cannot accept returns. All sales are final.

No two beds are exactly the same, nor are they absolutely perfect. Each is hand made, using real wood that has it's own character! These things really enhance the rustic, beautiful look of these beds! And they also make them uniquely yours!

- - - S T A B I L I T Y - - -

Our Full Size Montessori House Bed Frame has some movement and it is TOTALLY normal! If you think of an actual house- there are 2x4 board installed every foot in the framing to reinforce stability. If we made these beds like this it would change the whole look of the bed and wouldn't be the simplistic design that makes it so eye catching! I include brackets with the twin and full sizes that make them substantially more stable!

If you'd like to see a video of what to expect in movement, look in the highlights section of our instagram page (@ruby_rye) under "Beds".

PLEASE message me with any questions/concerns you have before purchasing! < < < hello@rubyrye.com > > >

> > > Mattress + Accessories are not included.

> > > Hanging/swinging/climbing/etc. on the bed is not recommended.

> > > Design and instructions of Ruby + Rye bed copyright 2018 Ruby + Rye.

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