Pacifier Clip


Whether you call it a pacifier, a binky (which autocorrects to pinky- is binky not even a real word?), or anything else-- you will be sure to keep it close to your little one with this wooden ball clip!

These pacifier clips are long and durable! Measuring about 12 inches long from the top of the string to the very bottom of the clip. See photo for reference.

Your pacifier clip may feel extra tight when you receive it, don't worry, this is totally normal! It only takes a short time of use for it to loosen up a bit!

Children are not to be left unattended with pacifier clip. It contains small objects that are potential choking hazards. If you notice any damage to the pacifier clip that might cause a wooden ball to come loose, discard the entire thing immediately and do not continue to use. Ruby + Rye is not responsible for any possible injury that might occur from using this product.